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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Sor, an interaction designer from Bangkok. I graduated with a master's degree in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden. Currently, I'm at Skype in London exploring the future of communication!

This website contains a collection of design projects I've done so far in my life. Hope you'll enjoy! — Sor :)

A little bit about me

After graduated my bachelor's degree in Engineering, I started working at Sony Device Technology in Thailand. Two years later, I felt like I have enough fun with engineering job, and needed to take some time off from it. I wanted a new challenge for my life. I decided to quit and travel the world. I went to Australia did several things from being a fisherman, a cleaner, a cook to a barista.

Afterward I traveled to Sweden. I though this could be a nice place to study. Cold and quiet. So I searched on google with the keywords “Design" and "Sweden”, then I found Umeå Institute of Design.

I first attended one year introduction course to get to know what design is all about. During the year, I found a very interesting subject called 'design interactions'. I tried to continue to the master programme in interaction design, and fortunately, I made it. Two more years in a gigantic freezer.

After the first year of master programme, I traveled the world again to do my internship. From Nokia–Espoo, iconmobile–Berlin, to IDEO in the bay area. I've gained so much experience during the year. Totally worth it! After the year, I went back to Umeå to finish my study, and I did a very exciting master thesis – The Sync – which the goal is to create a design-driven community for Social Innovation in Thailand.

I've recently joined Skype in their London office, working on many cool projects to set up a new standard for the world of communication!

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E-mail: soramist (at)
Phone: +44 7580 724735
Skype: sor7535
Video channel: sorchill.motion

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