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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Sor, an interaction designer from Bangkok. I've recently graduated with a master's degree in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden. Currently, I continue working on my degree project – The Sync, and trying to bring it to reality!

This website contains a collection of design projects I've done so far in my life. Hope you'll enjoy! — Sor :)

A little bit about me

After graduated my bachelor's degree in Engineering, I started working at Sony Device Technology in Thailand. Two years later, I felt like I have enough fun with engineering job, and needed to take some time off from it. I wanted a new challenge for my life. I decided to quit and travel the world. I went to Australia did several things from being a fisherman, a cleaner, a cook to a barista.

Afterward I traveled to Sweden. I though this could be a nice place to study. Cold and quiet. So I searched on google with the keywords “Design" and "Sweden”, then I found Umeå Institute of Design.

I first attended one year introduction course to get to know what design is all about. During the year, I found a very interesting subject called 'design interactions'. I tried to continue to the master programme in interaction design, and fortunately, I made it. Two more years in a gigantic freezer.

After the first year of master programme, I traveled the world again to do my internship. From Nokia–Espoo, iconmobile–Berlin, to IDEO in the bay area. I've gained so much experience during the year. Totally worth it!

I came back to Umeå to finish my study, and I did a very exciting master thesis – The Sync – which the goal is to create a design-driven community for Social Innovation in Thailand. Finally.. I graduated! The degree is now hanging on my wall, although, I continue working on my degree project, trying to bring it to reality!

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